Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Nice to be back at DESTRUCTIBLE MAN after several long gaps. To be honest, it wasn't until the recent spate of emails and comments that we realized that we'd even been MISSED! Good to know. We were especially happy to learn that Uncle Bob Martin, the original editor of FANGORIA from back in its halcyon days, is a regular reader! He had these very kind words for the Brothers Maciste on Facebook:

"Great fun site. The format reminds me of the old FM (Famous Monsters) film-photobooks, but with sharper more pertinent prose, and actual clips."


More excitement ahead in the next couple of weeks -- the Brodos have been hard at work on our magnum opus (and plenty of medium opi) -- a mammoth piece of analysis that we are bwoiling our widdle bwains over. Should be finding its way above ground sometime in the very near future, unless it catches sight of its own shadow...

As if the promise of more Us isn't enough -- tonight, the Macistes are having family over for dinner! Another brother's in the house and he's doing (most of) the cooking! We are pleased as punch to formally welcome 42nd Street swillhound and Grand Rebbi of the hallowed TEMPLE OF SCHLOCK, Chris Poggiali, into the Flying Brotherhood of the Macistes with his monumental analysis of Monte Hellman and Michael Carreras' SHATTER. Another double dummy-death for your consideration.

Enjoy and please leave your comments in the donation box that will be passed around shortly.

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