Thursday, July 2, 2009

Destructible Birthdays: Phil Karlson

Phil Karlson would have been 101 years old today!

In his time, he killed more than his share of dummies and he killed them with context, perspective and impact.

What he could have given us had he lived to see this day...

Happy Destructible Birthday,
Phil Karlson!!!

July 2, 1908 - December 12, 1985

post © Howard S. Berger & Kevin Marr


Ivan said...

Happy B-day, Mr. K!
I hope hope hope your flick The Phenix City Story shows up on DVD soon--or at least on TCM!

Destructible Man, you rule!

The Flying Maciste Brothers said...

I don't know about TCM, but keep your glazzies peeled in the next week or so for one or two words we might have to say about The Phenix City Story!

Thanks for stopping by and keep up the astonishment on your great site as well!