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It seems like we've been spending more time over at our friend Chris Poggiali's den of delinquency, TEMPLE OF SCHLOCK, than here at our own DESTRUCTIBLE MAN lately... but when Chris asked us to contribute to his week-long tribute to Jerry Lewis in honor of his 83rd Birthday we just couldn't say no! So please hop on over to the Temple and pay your regards. Tell Chris that Howard and Kevin sent you!

Aaaaaaaaaand, while you're there -- take a good long gander at our assessment of Jerry's 10 minute contribution to the French, UNICEF sponsored, omnibus COMMENT VONT LES ENFANTS (HOW ARE THE KIDS) from 1993 entitled BOY and his last feature-length bona-fide masterpiece, THE BIG MOUTH (1967).

The entire short of BOY is up on our review, as well as in our YouTube collection -- so have a blast -- it was Jerry's last official directing credit (he also penned the piece as well).

Not much has been written about BOY or THE BIG MOUTH -- perhaps most people find it too arduous and daunting a task. Not a problem for us Flying Macistes!

is an especially rich and influential black comedy -- typically condescended to or outright reviled in print -- usually ridiculed and dismissed in casual conversation. Let's end all that right here...

Jerry Lewis really was a brilliant filmmaker -- not all the time -- his last few (ONE MORE TIME, WHICH WAY TO THE FRONT?, HARDLY WORKING, SMORGASBORD aka CRACKING UP) weren't as complex as his output from 1960 to 1967 -- you can't hit home runs ALL the time! But there are always many comic or just plain ol' cinematic treats to savor in every Lewis film. The point is, we give THE BIG MOUTH our best defense.

It's about time you did yourself a big favor -- please drop your "so bad it's good" or "so bad it's bad" preconceptions, if you have any -- cozy up to THE BIG MOUTH and take a peek at what smart, personal films looked like from way back in the day when you weren't supposed to notice.

Whadda ya say, hmmmmmn?

Enjoy! And, as always,

The Management

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