Sunday, March 8, 2009

Destructible Blog-a-thon.1.2 - Cinebeats - A Lizard In A Woman's Skin/Una lucertola con la pelle di donna (Lucio Fulci, 1971)

The whimper of flayed dogs...

As we would expect nothing less from the irrepressible Kimberly Lindbergs over at our cinemaretro-home-away-from-home, Cinebeats -- an extraordinary look at one of the most profoundly shocking manichino animale morti ever committed to film -- a seminal moment from maestro Lucio Fulci's LIZARD IN A WOMAN'S SKIN and the second external entry in our DESTRUCTIBLE BLOG-A-THON.1!

Kimberly definitely understands what we're all about here at DESTRUCTIBLE MAN and we applaud her acknowlegment of Fulci's use of Freudian dream theory in the sequence.

Both Flying Maciste Brothers knew Lucio in the final year of his life and we dare say that this post would surely have brought a joyful tear to his eye.

For this spirited entry and one of the most persuasive educational portals to our recent cinematic past, we warmly welcome Kimberly into Destructible Man-hood and proclaim her the very first Mighty Maciste Sister!

Ottimo lavoro, il nostro geniale amico! Molte grazie!

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Anonymous said...

I feel Mighty honored to be named the very first Maciste Sister!

I truly enjoyed compiling my post and in the process celebrating my favorite Fulci film. Thanks for the super kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed my contribution.