Sunday, March 8, 2009

Destructible Blog-a-thon.1.3 - 3B Theater: Micro-Brewed Reviews - Jaws: The Revenge (Joseph Sargent, 1987)

Three's the charm...

Arriving #3 at the gate in this month's DESTRUCTIBLE BLOG-A-THON.1 is that arbiter of fine cinematic lager, The Beerman (who, we can assume is the nom-de-plume of film swiller Chad Plambeck) who is permanent bartender over at 3B Theater: Micro-Brewed Reviews.

The Beerman was certainly up to the taste-test and he delivers a full-bodied deep-blue ale with a thick, foamy red head on it, courtesy of the movie that Michael Caine found more important to stay on location for and keep filming rather than accept his Best Supporting Actor Academy Award in person.

Prost, Beerman! You can serve here at DESTRUCTIBLE MAN any time -- we NEVER close!

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Fred said...

Shouldn't that be "three times the chum"? Having actually seen this one, I think it may have violated your rules against using animal prostetic deaths in comedies.