Friday, March 13, 2009

Destructible Blog-a-thon.1.4 - Temple Of Schlock - Race With The Devil (Jack Starrett, 1975)

The devil made them do it...

Here we go again, this time Chris Poggiali (practising Macistite and the little devil in charge of that internet exploitation inferno called TEMPLE OF SCHLOCK) and Robert Plante (no -- we're not going to say it) have come up with a touching contribution to our DESTRUCTIBLE BLOG-A-THON.1 from Jack Starrett's classic '70's car crash/horror hybrid, RACE WITH THE DEVIL.

Not only is there a cute, cuddly doggie DD lovingly tributed, but the diabolical duo has also summoned an additional human AND -- hold onto your talismans -- CAR dummy death for good measure! Three for the price of one! Now THAT'S what The Flying Maciste Brothers call a spirited contribution (and one helluva not-yet-finished-but-one-day-to-be-published book plug)!!!

All hail Chris and Robert!
So mote it be!

Click to view post at: TEMPLE OF SCHLOCK!

post © Howard S. Berger & Kevin Marr


Cinema Du Meep said...

Just wanted to say,
Great blog!

Cinema Du Meep

Arbogast said...

I've been saying "So mote it be" all goddamned week.

The Flying Maciste Brothers said...

CDM -- Thanks VERY much! We're both Cinema Du Meep-ites, so it's great to see you over here! And any friend of Amanda By Night is a friend of ours!

Arbo -- thanks for snarking by -- our halls are your halls, hallowed be thy name... So mote it be.